Meeting with LASEM at History of Art Institute UJ

We have this plesure to invite you to a meeting with a LASEM Group, entirely devoted to the idea of Deframestration. We are looking foward to have an honest discussion, to participate in which we encourage everyone, who is interested in art and it's philosophical roots . The event is one of the first such initiatives, organized by the Institute of LASEM - center of advanced Deframestration studies. The host of the meeting is Contemporary Art Section in Students Scientific Society of History of Art at the Jagiellonian University.

Date: 19.03.2014, 7:30 PM
Place: History of Art Institute of the Jagiellonian University, Grodzka st. 53, Lanckorońskich Hall (no. 39)



LAS Gallery

Be welcomed to visit our website gallery LAS - gallery of deframestrated paintings, collection of archival photographs of works by LASEM artists, before they cut out the framework and the transformation of the clothes was made.

Currently there are 26 works in a gallery, containing LASEM most important deframestrations - gallery is meant to be regularly actualized.


26th October 2013

TEDx Cracow Deframestration

Taking part in the Cracow's edition of TEDx, LASEM displayed a two-hour performance in BAL at Zabłocie. Both painters and performer stood by the two sides of the canvas, pinned to a square wooden frame. Painters, on the reverse of a canvas, were trying to capture the reflection of moving images, cast by the projector on the frontal part. Performer was describing what he sees and experiences with a brush on canvas, by analyzing the video image and reflection of pictures on the reverse. This "double reflection", the space divided into two halves, was an attempt to implement a dualistic vision of the world with it's reallity and it's unreal space - the one in which art is born. Performance was complemented by the live music.

After the two-sided quasi-painting was made, artists had deframestrated space within which they were creating, by cutting the canvas with stretcher and put it on a performer.


26th September 2013

Deframestration in front of Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow

On the Matejko Square, directly in front of the Academy of Fine Arts, the LASEM artists displayed a Deframestration of ten "unwanted" images, that were collectet previously by the Group in the Contemporary Art Gallery - Bunkier Sztuki. Those pictures, dug from attics, basements and storage spaces, were used as elements of an armor, in which the performer was clothed.


5th July 2013

Two deframestrations on Open'er Festival

LASEM has been invited to Open'er Festival - we've performed on Fashion Stage, where we presented two performances - one for opening and one for closing of the event. On the first one we have cut three paintings - works of Katarzyna Krzysztofik, Anna Niwa and Filip Rybkowski. Paintings that had been exhibited on the second performance were formed during the Festival and the painters were Karolina Nikolaidis, Łukasz Roth and Szymon Szelc. There was also one common painting, painted by artist of LASEM group and festival goers.


29th June 2013

LASEM occured on Idea Fix Fest - culture and the fashion event held periodically on Cracow's Kazimierz district. We cut four paintings out of their frames. They are works of Anna Niwa, Szymon Szelc, Radosław Szlęzak and one common painting, made by LASEM group and festival goers.


25th June 2013

Today there was another chamber deframestration in Emilia gallery in Cracow - Karolina Nikolaidis deframestrated her batik called "Caput mortuum". During the performace, she cut 6 ties and 6 collars out of it. Tłem muzycznym wydarzenia zajęli się Michał Pacułt (piano) and Marcin Osman (jew's-harp).


22th June 2013

Gaba Cygan - student of graphic art on Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, a member of artistic group called "Banda", active painter - her last exhibition we had an opportunity to admire in Emilia gallery in Cracow. On 22 of June, in the same place, she had presented and deframestrated during a performance her newest painting - "Red". There will be a series of collars and ties out of it, with the handwritten signature of the artist.


5th May 2013

1-5th of May we participated in Nowa Siła Kuratorska festival, organized by Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. In the mobile cultural center KontenerART, by the Warta river, we have deframestrated 4 paintings of LASEM's artistic group and several batiks. Zapraszamy do obejrzenia filmu z wydarzenia, który zmontowała dla nas krakowska ekipa Don't Shoot Pictures.


LASEM joins fashion and painting in one innovative formula - clothes that are cut out of paintings. Artists who are invited by LASEM, create paintings, that are then exhibited on an art exhibitions, during which the paintings are cut out from the frames and turned into clothes in front of the public. Exactly those quasi-exhibitions create a touch point between pure art and applied art, between painting and fashion, between a piece of art and a product. Thanks to this property, clothes cut out of paintings retain the uniqueness and the element of cult, that the painting is gifted with, whilst being the fully functional piece of clothing all the time.


29th September 2012

On 29 of September 2012 in Bielska Gallery BWA we have conducted deframestration of 12 paintings. Among the invited guests there were: Grażyna Brylewska, Filip Konieczny, Waldemar Libera, Grzegorz Siembida, and Dariusz Vasina. We'll make dresses and jackets out of these paintings, details soon.